Our Arborist may inform you that a crane is needed for the job to remove a tree from your property. You may wonder why the added expense of a crane is needed when tree cutters usually use ropes. The fact is, crane operation is a tricky and dangerous job, but one hat can make the removal of your tree safer and better.

First, the tree to be removed may simply be too large and too heavy for normal procedures. Trees that are too big may damage regular equipment and workers, or be difficult to properly maneuver around structures located on or around the property.

Another reason a crane may be used is the position of the tree. When age or a storm causes a tree to fall or threaten to fall close to property, arborists may not be able to find a good position to use ropes and other equipment. Also, while cutting any tree, especially sne precariously placed, the potential of the tree recoiling or springing is a concern. This means that the tree branches could unexpectedly crash into your property, causing damage or bodily harm.

BEFORE pruning, limb raising and deadwood was removed from 13 Louisiana Live Oak Trees.

AFTER work has been completed. By pruning, limb raising and removing deadwood, the tree and the homeowner both benefit!

HELPFUL HINT: Pruning trees is 99% customer satisifcation as long as no more than 1/3 of the green is not removed.

Before and After pictures of a major limb raise on the McMorris' home in Baton Rouge

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